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(8/10 th PART “Fear of Rejection”)

Do not let the fear paralyze your decisions and your desires .

Irrational fears as we have seen, to which the fear of rejection belongs, grow as you try to avoid them .

So, facing it with courage is the best way to eliminate it, because you should fear nothing .

As you confront those fears, you will understand that they were simple illusory perceptions, which do not represent any effective danger to you.

Perceptions that were created from false beliefs and junk ideas that we have saved over time in our thinking.

Some innate , others learned and even now science tells us that we have genetic memory of certain memories lived by our ancestors . Can you believe it!

Being afraid is normal , we all experience it and we will not stop feeling it, because it is part of our human nature .

labyrinth maze boy

The important thing is to understand the mechanisms in which it appears and to understand that we have to act equally, despite feeling fear.

Fear does not have to prevent us from improving as people.

We have to face all the situations that our desires take us , or we decide suitable for our personal development , both in relation to professional, economic, social , as well as emotional progress .

No opinion can mislead our goal of wanting the best for us.

Our energies have to be aimed at relationships and situations both professional, social or personal that add value to our lives .

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But in the same way, we have to contribute our unique value to our environment.

Without fear of rejection, because as we have seen rejection is part of the dynamics of social relationships and that does not depend on our value as people.

When we see someone so sure of themselves that they apparently do not fear rejection, we think they are not afraid of anything and that is why we believe they are capable of facing situations that seem insurmountable to us.

Actually, that person is as afraid as you are and as the rest of the people, what happens is that despite the fear that this situation produces, they act .

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They don’t run away or are paralyzed, they face that situation because they have understood that it does not really represent a vital danger , and that it can also be beneficial and convenient because it can bring well-being and satisfaction in their life .