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(9/10 th PART “Fear of Rejection”)

It does not disappear, fear will be present in much of the things we intend to do daily.

What we have to achieve is to accept it , that is, when it appears because it is normal for it to do so, we know from experience that running away or paralyzing generally does not lead us to achieve what we want . True?

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However, acting with determination, facing that situation, even with little or no confidence , I assure you that it is the most effective way to get what you want . If not more, it will allow you to get much closer to your goal .

It is normal not to have confidence in front of something that intimidates you. But if you wait for that fear to disappear, to “act with confidence” , you will never move towards your goal.

Because it won’t happen, fear will be there to wait for you whenever you want to do something that intimidates you, as it is natural for it to be.

We must act together with it, it is the only way to eliminate it. Then assurance will come , when you see that you are getting what you wanted. It may come slowly, but it will come.

If you have to put your trust in something , it is true that we can put it in luck , in charms , encouraging phrases or something else that comes to mind, for example in a special superpower .

But I assure you that the best and greatest special power is the one you already have . Your values are the best evidence and guarantee so that your exposure can have great chances of success.

Trust your real and true personal qualities , your previous successes and proven abilities .

But above all trust “your unique value , your special talent for which you are unique .

Think about what you are especially good at , what you know how to do or say better , what is the way in which you can be more attractive , to achieve your goal.

Expose yourself by believing to be another person, telling yourself and saying things that don’t suit you , things that don’t really identify with who you are ; Although it may seem simpler and safer , it will not offer you great personal satisfaction or lasting success.

However, exposing yourself with honesty according to your own personality , requires courage, I know, but I assure you that it will make you get closer to your goal , and if you reach it it will be more rewarding and lasting .

Let’s give a very common example, we want to make friends , it’s a very normal and natural request because we are sociable beings.

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But not always in the group there is that person who facilitates your entry and even if it were, the opportunity to make friends will have a different result depending on the way in which you face it.

If you are paralyzed by the fear of rejection and do not actively participate , showing the value you can bring, you may not be attractive to the group, even if you really are and a lot.

It is time to learn to do something different, learn to act and move towards what your desire or your decision represents .

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The fear of being rejected will always accompany us, because it is part of the mechanisms of living in society.

Exposing ourselves out of our “comfort zone” and take risks consciously everyday is also part of life.

But far from being a threat, it is an opportunity to move forward and develop in all aspects that make up our human being.

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To live fully, is to improve in all areas that we value important for our well-being.

Our desires and our aspirations are our goal, to be able to live according to how we want and to be able to experience the emotions we so long for.

Why not, savor success in a professional project? Or get excited about meeting a new possible love?

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Small and great satisfactions that we can find every day if we understand that the possible rejection is not directed at your person , but originated from a distorted perception .

As we face these daily challenges, we will experience our power . A power that will allow us to get where we want .

All you need is out there, just leave your “safe” area and be willing to risk for a greater good , to experience human emotions and satisfactions .

Life is full of opportunities , from meeting people, who can enrich your life in many aspects, to more precise objectives. Desires and personal aspirations, born of your tastes and preferences.

Any encounter , any proposal , any circumstance can give us an extraordinary experience.

It is up to us if we want to transform it into a positive emotion or not , regardless of the result.

Because, even if we do not reach our goal at that time, it will have given us an experience that will allow us to improve for our next challenge .

Our fundamental and final objective has to lead us to enrich and consolidate our personal values with which you want to live.

Use your unique value as a guide to determine interesting goals in your life.

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But your happiness should not depend on their success , your unique value is and will always be your greatest gratification .

Let us not be influenced by the beliefs and opinions of others , we have our own criteria .

Achieving emotional independence will help us to be free from conditioning and have a greater chance of success .

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We must take advantage of the opportunities that life offers us, to live by getting excited , but without absurd and useless fears , because that is what makes us more human and live fully .