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As it could not be another place, this happens in Italy . But it is not the only case, for example in Spain it is 9% and we could add others. We are talking about the truffle, of course.

truffle vegetable

So a grated truffle on a plate of pasta can cost us much less because it has a reduced VAT , being considered ” good of first necessity”. Given that a kilo of truffle can range from 2,900 to 3,500 if we aren’t in a drought period! Because then it can amount to 5,000 euros per kilogram, … I would also say that it still would cost an arm and a leg, more than a good of first necessity!

hygiene woman feminine

The difference is that at least Spain have already rectified on the VAT on feminine hygiene products , a 10% to 4 %, meaning that finally are considered ” necessities “. This also happened in France for years that is at 5.5 % and in many other countries of the world.

However, in Italy , how could we expect something else! The VAT applied to the essential products for feminine hygiene are still at 22%, along with baby diapers, cars and televisions.

babies diapers

According to them, babies under 2 and a half years old must have full control of their urination and sphincters from birth . An evolutionary demand too pretentious! Do not you think. It is not surprising that Italy is considered outside its territory, a retarded and sexist country .

And the inconsistency does not stop there with regard to VAT, for example, always in Italy, for antiques and theater shows VAT is reduced to 10%. However, as we say, in the new Balance Law, signed on December 30, 2018, on tampons and pads for female use and baby diapers, VAT is still 22% . So the Italian government determines the menstrual cycle and urination of babies, ” not necessary “ and therefore subject to the highest rates of the Italian State.

babies diapers

Absurd! As if they were not necessities! According to them, can women avoid menstruation every month for an average of 40 years? Or babies can opt for another way of how to make their physiological needs?

The most extreme cynicism, which ignores the fundamental rights of the person, the dignity and sensitivity of women with a shameless attitude and shows a clear will to discriminate on the basis of gender and condition .


products female tax

In other countries as we say they are already remedying this intolerable inequality , for example in Belgium and the Netherlands that is 6% , in England at 5.5% and in Ireland and Canada it is abolished no less , so it is clear political will to want to improve towards a more just, impartial and dignified society .

These are truly societies of the future, which aims to a more progressive mentality, far from favoring prejudices and social inequalities that no reason or knowledge disfavor a sector of the population.

female hygiene woman

In Italy they remain in the Middle Ages, ignore and spoil the recommendations of the European Council in many political aspects with blatant negligence, and specifically with regard to the “pink tax”, whose directive already determined in 2006 that ” female hygiene products may be subject to tax reductions, as they are considered essential and necessary . ”


depilatori woman feminine

It is known that there is a clear price difference between products considered feminine and masculine .

depilatorie higiene man men

Just go to the supermarket or department stores and we can see this diversity of prices in similar products , such as anti-wrinkle creams, depilatories, toning and others. But not only in hygiene and beauty products but also in clothing and footwear, and who has not seen the difference in prices at the hairdresser. Is incredible!

Why should women pay more for the simple fact of being a woman? It is already shameful that this discriminatory social mentality exists, but that it also exists in the law of a government, this is intolerable. We only have to see the compensation difference for the same job or the unjustified increase in car policies.

money woman

In the case of the Pink Tax , roughly calculating the economic impact that falls on women with respect to the need to use internal and external sanitary napkins during menstruation. The minimum expenditure on essential hygiene products is estimated at 5,000 euros, of which 1,100 euros are fees for the State. The funny thing is that the male razor blades are considered already necessary products, as it should be, and have a 4% VAT applied . Casual paradox? Who believes it.

money  pay  buy economic tax

In the same way we can talk about diapers for babies , the essential veterinary services , that is, vaccines for our pets , which are 21% , while for beer, chocolate or snacks are 10%, even the stamps for collectors are lower, at 10% , which so essential do not seem to be.


gluten free celiac food

But if we want to go further, let’s talk about the inconsistency of prices among food products for celiacs . It is not understood why, gluten-free products have to be more expensive . Why this difference? Why does a person for the simple fact of having a different condition have to pay 3 times more the price for the same product?

According to the O.N.F. even eating out is much more expensive for a celiac than for other people, up to 20% according to their report.

The government believes that by offering a tax deduction of up to 19% of the food expenses sustained during the year and issuing some “ prescription bonuses ”, the celiac person already covers all their nutritional needs due to their difference in nutritional status. Well, it is not so, because the difference in prices allowed , the limitation and the need for these products makes it even more subject and vulnerable to unfair trade .

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And therefore it makes this compensation not advantageous , on the contrary having this celiac condition is subject to many disadvantages.

In fact, according to a first report from the ONF on the purchase of food for celiacs, the prices of gluten-free foods for celiac consumption are intentionally much higher than the average of the same product for consumption with gluten.

The discrimination is not limited to this, because the economic contribution made by the Ministry of Health , through the famous “prescription bonuses” is not without limitations. It is that these “coupons” only can be used in approved establishments , so in most supermarkets and superstores are not admitted. Precisely where there is greater variety of brands, qualities and prices in products for celiacs.

So people who have this condition are forced to “waste” their prescription bonuses in authorized establishments, such as pharmacies , where by chance, they have little variety and their prices are very high.

supermarket pay  buy food

Why can’t these people choose where to buy their food? Why should they be limited in their freedom to choose from a variety of brands and prices and establishment like everyone else?

restaurant breakfast

Why do they have to pay more for the simple fact of nourishing themselves? And why do they have to limit themselves in four base products?

money  pay  buy food

Another discriminatory conclusion that the ONF report has obtained, it is that the recipe-bonuses cannot be used outside the region of residence . But where are we going to stop! And if you have or want to go on a trip or should you move for work reasons? Well, along with your suitcase you must carry your bag of gluten-free food or pay out of pocket.

Let’s see, if they are not able to solve the basic daily needs of a person with justice and equity, guaranteeing the well-being and quality of life based, how will they solve the great challenges and be competent in international politics? Italy is out of the world if it does not first solve the many social injustices that remain in its society .