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The term “retro” is usually associated with “vintage”. They are two different things but they are identified in common with a design from other years.

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Retro Style, now cutting-edge

The retro aims to imitate an old style. Try to evoke some particularity of a past fashion and recreate it nowadays as a trend of vogue.

The retro technique is a decorative aesthetic resource that rescues a past style. Both in personal fashion and in interior decoration, it picks up a past aesthetic transforming it into a modern and new creation of ancient inspiration.

It is a trend that is increasing and it is expected that by this new year 2019 it will be fashionable with a lot of push. Specifically, in some men’s and women’s fashion items, elegant shoes, “casual” shoes and accessories.

Retro is also fashionable in some appliances for your home such as SMEG refrigerators and technology, such as the famous Polaroid instant cameras, which will sweep away as a gift for Christmas.

Vintage revival

As we have said vintage is a term that is associated with retro, although it is a diverse thing. We are used to feel and refer to vintage as if it were retro and is a fact that we accept in general to refer to old-style objects.

But what does the word “vintage” mean?

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Vintage is a term that identifies objects that have a certain age. Specifically, it refers to things that have more than 20 years after its creation, becoming a “classic” much appreciated.

They often refer to musical instruments, cars, furniture, photographs and books. Although lately, clothing, accessories, video game consoles and video games have also entered this list.

Obviously they are objects that still cannot be classified as “antiques”, since these to be considered old must be more than 100 years old. But like good wines, they have improved over time and have been revalued.

Vintage, the harvest of a good year

Precisely the word vintage means harvest. Its etymology comes from English, which in turn derives from the French “vendage”. The pronunciation changes partially per the language in which it is pronounced.

In the wine world, the word vintage is used to indicate the best vintages in terms of wines and the added quality for being an old product. Designates a wine highlighted by the qualities of its harvest and recognized antiquity.

It is also used to describe the history, meaning, influence or particularity by which an object has become an icon or object of cult for collectors, this in terms of fashion and design from the 20th century.

In the world of fashion, it is used more frequently to catalog clothes and new items inspired by some classics, the “retro”.

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A custom admitted as valid, which curiously does not happen in other fields. As for example in automobiles, which recognizes the vintage or classic style, such as vintage cars, different from retro that identifies new cars with old inspiration.

For the year 2019 vintage or retro, is a value in trend. The big fashion brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada, among others, are turning to this aesthetic for their new collections and we will see them soon on their famous catwalks.

Nowadays, vintage is a manifestation of postmodern culture. A retroactive and nostalgic look towards the past.

The vintage or retro aesthetic resorts to mixing elements and designs from different times and places. Sometimes not according to the original function of the object. Simply for the aesthetic taste of the old style.

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Difference between vintage and retro

As we have already said, vintage refers to objects or dresses designed and manufactured in an ancient era. In fashion, it is associated with the creations of the great designers that are still preserved and that are usually attributed great economic value.

This term can be used for any object that we have at home, but always that presents a criterion of aesthetics linked to an era and a style. It is not a simple old object.

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The retro, however, is a new object that evokes past styles. In fact, they tend to be manufactured with high technology, but always retaining some nuance or particularity that evokes their retro inspiration. This is the case of the new Polaroid instant cameras, using state-of-the-art technology with the old design of the classic Polaroid of the 90s.

Vintage, an added value

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Vintage objects are not only old, but because of their history, belonging, meaning, utility or aesthetic value, they have an added value that transcends the simple decorative effect.

This added value is what drives collectors to acquire objects of interest, not so much to use them but to conserve them and be part of their private collections of old, exclusive and in some cases unique objects.

In the same way, fashionistas follow the trend of a brand or the style of a celebrity. Not only for its functionality, but also for the pleasure of belonging to the privileged and exclusive sector recognized and appreciated by all.

The retro-vintage style, every day more fashionable

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The popularity that retro-vintage is having is enormous. Decorate the house with furniture and antique motifs, dress with the fashion of other eras and even, celebrate the wedding with retro inspiration is fashionable.

A new approach that extends your creativity when it comes to decorating your home, your wardrobe and even your hairstyle. Many celebrities are icons of this fashion and convey trends of retro and vintage style.

Reuse things – rekindle your creativity

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In addition to the aesthetic the vintage has the advantage of being able to reuse objects that are still in good condition and that have a special value for us. For example, you can decorate your home with objects or vintage furniture that will surely give an original and personal touch.

Reusing clothes and accessories that we have forgotten in the wardrobe years ago, and giving them a new utility can make us feel very good. Renewing a style that we liked so much and that we like now is a creative way to start this new year.

The search for novelty

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Another advantage is that it is fashionable. Due to the continuous evolution of society the fashions return and with them the objects that in their time caused a furor.

People need innovations in our lives that meet our taste for originality and exclusivity. For this reason, we like both the current, the latest and the newest, for example in technological trends and fashion. We like to be always up to date.