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An image that is repeated every year: a precious puppy or kitty inside a gift box under the Christmas tree.
It’s time to gift, so what it’s better than giving a small, soft and cuddly puppy. Moreover, this period often coincides with the arrival of the first winter litters. Everything seems perfect.

Instead, many of these puppies will be abandoned within the first year of life. Approximately 27% of the dogs and cats given away on Christmas will be welcomed by the animal protection associations before they reach the year of life.
The reasons are varied, but there is mainly one that calls attention more and that reaches the highest percentage for puppies, 15% concretely, per a study of the Affinity Foundation of 2016. It is the behavior of the animal.


It seems incredible how people seek excuses to justify their unfair actions. The arrival of a new member in the family requires responsibility, however, certainly not of the puppy, but of the person who adopts it.
We take too often lightly the responsibilities that require the reception of a small pet in our homes. 137,000 dogs and cats were abandoned and received in 2015 for Animal Protecting Associations, according to the same study. But, why does this happen?

It is obvious that even with awareness campaigns and the slight drop in abandonment since 2008, social education in this matter is not enough. The difficulties many people have in understanding such elemental concepts such as the recognition of dignity and respect for animal rights is evident and dramatic.
This educational delay cannot be accepted in an advanced society such as ours. It is certain that the duty to educate concerns the whole of society, including not only the family but also public and communications institutions.
But what upset us most is the lack of sensitivity that we sometimes have as individuals on an personal level.
Regardless of the education we have been able to receive, the possibility of developing a certain personal criterion and concretely a sensitivity towards the other beings with whom we share this planet and that, in many cases, form part of our family life is not excluded.


One of them stands out above all others: reflect with rationality before welcoming a puppy into your family. It seems obvious and not very “sensitive”. Instead it is the best and the first thing you must do before adopting a pet.
Meditate in a rational and practical way on your needs and the needs of the animal that you want to welcome. Think and visualize the way in which you want to manage and arrange the new companion in your life or in the daily life of the person with whom the puppy will live.
The motivations for adopting a pet can be many and all very valid, as long as you have a sense of responsibility and respect for the creature you welcome. It is not a toy even if you can play with it. It is not an object, it is a living being, which deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
Reflect on the “real” motivations for which you want a pet and give the right value to your whims, why not? but responsibly.

Consider time and nutritional needs, hygiene and health care, the need for space and also the affective ones that the little companion will require, not only right now, but also in the time to come.
Once you have analyzed in an effective and real way the transformation that this new arrival in the family will have, you will be able to evaluate the real possibility of being able to conclude this adoption in a more responsible and coherent manner.
The trust produced by recognizing in people a nobility of mind is what drives animals to a unique and exceptional fidelity.


The loyalty of dogs towards his companions in life is extraordinary and exemplary. They would never leave you.
Loyalty is a condition that gives honor to man. Do not disappoint them.