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(Part 2/2 “Black water: a “magic” benefit that earth offers us” )

Fulvic acid has great potential to provide many benefits that favor people’s health and life.

There are many scientific studies that have demonstrated these beneficial effects on the general health of people.

It facilitates and increases the absorption of nutrients: As we have already said, it dilates the cell wall increasing its permeability, transit and cellular communication.

Increases the amount of oxygen in the blood: This beneficial effect acts by reducing the accumulation of lactic acid , consequently reducing muscle discomfort.

In fact it is widely used by people with high physical activity, since as we say it reduces fatigue, pain and increases muscle energy.

It facilitates blood circulation:restores and improves blood circulation especially between the capillaries and acts as a coagulant when it serves in case of hemorrhage, optimizing its circuit.

It favors the healing of digestive ulcers: the improvement in the total circulation of the blood, favors an adequate circulation also in the stomach wall, and improves its general state, inhibiting the inadequate secretion of the acid that causes the ulcers. On the other hand it stimulates the secretion in the glands that protect the inner wall of the stomach, preventing ulcers.

Increases immune resistance: as we have already explained, it inhibits bacterial and viral action, and promotes communication between cells which allows a better immune response.

Regulates endocrine hormonal secretion: Its ability to regulate cyclic nucleotides at the cellular level, allows to inhibit the abnormal hormonal secretion of the thyroid.

Antioxidant effect: protects the cells from oxidation caused by toxins , increasing their life and resistance, thus reducing cell aging .

As an excellent antioxidant, it reduces the negative effects of free radicals .

Free radicals are chemical compounds (organic or inorganic), which have extreme instability , and great reactive power .

They can be created in the atmosphere by the effect of radiation, in the laboratory, but they are also generated in living organisms , even in humans, when they come into contact with oxygen. They act by altering the cell membrane and attack the genetic material that is inside the cells, that is, they attack the DNA .


Fulvic acid inhibits the enzyme that causes inflammation in the affected area, and regulates the levels of zinc and copper, which are involved in inflammatory processes.


We can understand by all that has been said, that fulvic acid is part of the life cycle of nature.

That is, from the decomposition of dead organic matter, which is produced in the earth, generating fulvic acid, it brings nutrients back to living beings, such as plants, animals and people.

Either directly, as in the case of plants, or eating them.

Unfortunately, the negative impact of human activity on the environment and industrialization is causing this beneficial substance to be less frequent in the vegetables we consume regularly.

So its consumption is mainly done through nutritional supplements in liquid form, capsules or injectable (in clinical use).

However, it must be taken into account that its assumption must be controlled and recommended by specialized professional personnel, that is, under medical prescription .

Its consumption should not be arbitrary and without professional control, and in no way substitutes a varied and balanced diet .

Its beneficial effects on health are many, as we have seen, but it does not guarantee absolute health , It does not replace, in any case, prevention, treatments and medical recommendations .

In other words, it should not be considered as a “magic” cure for all diseases or health imbalances. Therefore, we must consider it as a supplement that provides further assistance to maintain general well-being and health.


Fulvic acid and its appreciated benefits are known since ancient times. Its use has always been present in many diverse cultures.

Currently, scientific research and clinical trials are already being done in many parts of the world. One of the pioneers in the scientific field has been the Chinese government, which has begun to include fulvic acid in its clinical investigations, with pleasantly satisfactory results.

1. Coagulant and anti-inflammatory action in infections : clinical experiments have demonstrated its high coagulant and anti-inflammatory capacity in areas affected by hemorrhages and fluid retention caused by infections.

2. Curative action in corneal infections : a study conducted at Shaoxin Hospital, Zhejiang, China, obtained a success of 94.2% in the treatment with drops and injections of fulvic acid to 53 patients who presented corneal infection.

3. Coagulant action in acute gastrointestinal bleeding: The study and trial in 160 patients at Tongren Hospital, Beijing, China, administering oral and injected form of fulvic acid, demonstrated an efficacy of 95.6% of cases.

4. Skin ulcers: 51 patients suffering from skin ulcers were treated in the same hospital with fulvic acid and mineral baths. The success rate was 92.2%.

5. Rheumatoid arthritis: In the Haidian hospital, Beijing, China, 92% success was obtained in bath treatments based on fulvic acid and capsules.

6. Hemorrhoids: The study was conducted nationwide, covering thousands of patients affected through large – scale distribution from Erlonglu Hospital, Beijing, China and Kunming in Yunnan, China.

7. Incubation of esophageal cancer : the study was conducted with 27 patients treated with a solution of fulvic acid in water for a period of two years. The result gave 100% success in regression and prevention of the tumor in the initial state.

8. Thyroid regulatory effect on active: 33 patients were treated for 6 months with oral fulvic acid (capsules). The trial conducted at Tongre Hospital, Beijing, China, resulted in a 90.9% success .


The results in clinical trials have shown a high percentage of positive results . So fulvic acid has proven to be an effective and safe remedy for many diseases and health imbalances.

These clinical studies carried out in China and, above all, the excellent results obtained, have drawn worldwide scientific and medical attention , as evidenced by scientific publications made in this regard, for example in Singapore and Germany.

Scientific research on fulvic acid and its beneficial effects on health continue.

Everything indicates that we could consider it a new “ally” of our health .