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Giving more, does not mean giving away better.

This is what one research published in the Journal of Consumer Research reveals.
So, give two gifts, one cheap and one expensive, reduces the positive effect of the second. If a single expensive and important gift is received, it will be better appreciated than if it goes in the company of another inferior gift.

Another particularity of the psychology behind the gift is that people who are too narcissistic tend to buy voluminous and flashy gifts. Presents that look good, both for others and for themselves. This is because they want to stand out among their acquaintances. And make others feel that they are unique and special like them.

Aiden Gregg, co – director of research about the Southampton University in the UK explains that narcissists gift is for them a way of trying to those who surround them so special as consider themselves.

HOW TO MAKE THE BEST GIFTS – according to science

If we want to be right when it comes to choosing a good gift for a family member or friend, science can be a great ally.

Especially now, at Christmas time, thinking and looking for a good present for all family members, friends and commitments, is usually a difficult business to achieve in time.
But do not worry. Science comes in our help and reveals some tricks to get better in our Christmas purchase of gifts.

Especially on these dates we want and hope that affection is demonstrated. The disappointment in front of a gift that does not like, is one thing we should avoid.

It is clear that if we love someone, we want that person to be happy. 

And for this reason our intention when it’s time of giving is that our gift like and be appreciated .
Because we know, that with only the intention is not enough.

Therefore, we must ensure that our gift like and make happy the person we love.
Among friends,
we have to be certain that our gift shows our appreciation and friendship or between commitments, we must make sure that the message that you are recognizing the gift received from that person is clearly received.

GIVE EXPERIENCES: Improving relations

Obviously, improving the relationship is what we desire when we give something away , and in fact it is achieved by doing it. But if we give a common experience, the relationship will improve even more. The experiences create a greater link between people, according to a study published in the 2016 Journal of Consumer Research.

It is normal, that a personal experience cannot be do with all the people and in all the occasions. For reasons of time, personal circumstances and type of relationship, sometimes this option is not always possible. 

But it is interesting to know that the happy emotions created by the experiences lived together with another person remain in the memory forever, even more than an object.

Soon in ToYou we will expand with more articles, different proposals of experience, such as trips and special events, that will surely interest you. A gift that you and your family will appreciate.

No matter the price: it says science

The price is not as important as it might seem. 

The research that was done in this regard, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, revealed that while donors of a gift expect their most expensive gift to be the most appreciated, for the receivers however, the price is not as relevant as a factor. of appreciation. That is, for the receiver of the gift, the object itself is more important than its economic value.

The “surprise” effect is overrated

Knowing in advance the gift that will be received, does not diminish the appreciation for it. 

It’s important to guess the gift and therefore, like it. That is what the research published in Current Directions in Psychological Science in 2016 reflects.

So, if we know they like a gift in advance, or know special gifts to be given or otherwise know for sure that they will like, we can be assured that we nailed with that gift.

We tend to value too much the moment in which we will deliver the gift and have great expectations for the surprise. However, it seems that whoever receives it values more the pleasure that it gives to receive a desired object. It is better to put ourselves in the position of the other and try to intuit what gift you may like and in what way you can enjoy it.

The study also shows that giving money or gift cards are well accepted, if it is done with the right person and special circumstances. Since we must avoid appearing arrogant or pompous and can sometimes distance the relationship instead of improving it.

The study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology revealed that most people prefer presents that they really want or that they had explicitly asked for, rather than surprise gifts.

Do not exaggerate with the packaging

It is better not to wrap the gift too ostentatiously. 

The scientists from Yale University in New Haven, United States, have shown with the results of their analysis, that the wrapping paper can create mistaken expectations about the gift. 

The packaging paper too spectacular and striking can create greater expectations about what it contains. If not consistent expectations of the gift given, it may disappoint mostly. Better to avoid ostentation and exaggeration in the packaging of the gift.

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