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cámara instantánea fujifilm

For this Christmas ToYou offers you an original gift full of nostalgia, for lovers of retro and vintage, the newest and trendiest.

The latest trend in instant cameras – POLAROID

cámara instantánea polaroid

The Polaroid instant cameras have returned and with great force.

After more than 10 years almost eclipsed by the arrival of digital photography through mobile phones, now once again Polaroid is among us. 

Because the particular thing about Polaroid is the possibility of having an instant paper photograph in hand at the moment. And that’s something that technology can not overcome yet.

For lovers of vintage this Polaroid instant camera will bring you back to the naturalness and spontaneity of the 80s and 90s. A camera that will make you enjoy unique and incredible moments, with photographs of excellent technology.

Why did the Polaroid disappear?

Let’s do a bit of memory, to remember this magnificent camera so much loved and that so many satisfactions has given us in the past.

When digital photography appeared, brands as well known as Kodak, whose market strength was on photographic paper, were moved from their privileged position. But this was not the case with Polaroid.

Polaroid had a particularity, the power to print a photograph on paper in the act. This originality was unique and digital photography could not compete with this. But Polaroid did not see it that way. Moreover, with the arrival of mobile phones, specifically the iPhone of 2007, the Polaroid stopped being manufactured.


Of course, the arrival of mobile phones was a strong rival. They could store large photo albums, which made the traditional amateur and professional photography on paper no longer interesting. The novelty then, was digital photography.

Polaroid had a unique point of strength, by which to bet and position its exclusive market, the instantaneity of paper photography. But they did not, and they did not know how to adapt to the radical change produced by digital photography.

 Failed their attempt to continue in the market on a large scale, the brand went through different efforts, until it evolved into tablets and glasses, leaving in memory these mythical cameras.

However, in 2008, even a small analog photography company, called Impossible Project, resisted disappearing because of emerging digital photography. 

His project was to re-launch the instant film, that is the cartridges, from Polaroid. Against all odds they got it in their small factory in the Netherlands. 

Impossible Project manufactured reels compatible with the Polaroid camera, but its quality was much lower than that of the originals. They tried to improve in quality, but did not reach acceptable standards and were expensive, which slowed down their popularity.

It seemed that only Polaroid was destined to repopulate the market again with its original and well-known Polaroid camera.

cámara instantánea polaroid

The funny thing is that in parallel to this fact the Japanese company Fuji continued to the minimum production, but soon after reacted and launched a new line of analogue cameras, despite the not very promising expectations. Their strategy worked thanks also to its affordable prices and available to everyone.

Seen the success, many other brands have launched in recent years their models of instant cameras, including Polaroid.

cámara instantánea polaroid

In short, we will make a comparison of the models of instant cameras more currently in vogue, and that can be a good gift ideas. Be aware of these developments in the next blogs, in the category Vintage.