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For decades, much has been said about the “hidden” meaning of some places historically known for their enigmatic monuments in stone. The famous Rapa Nui heads of Easter Island is a good example. Imposing statues built with volcanic stone, commonly known as Moai . These figures represent ” the living face of our ancestors “, the literal meaning of the Moai Aringa Ora indigenous language words .

As in other similar monuments, the attempt of these excessive sculptures is to perpetuate the memory of ancestors, a more than honorable purpose . However, this is not the case with the Georgia Guidestones . This monument unlike others has a particular intention for nothing indifferent: leaving a message for future generations .

Located in Elbert County , Georgia ( United States ), it is also known as the American Stonehenge .


How could it be otherwise, even its building is impregnated with a great mystery. It is said that Robert C. Christian ( pseudonym with which he was called) that in June 1979 , who anonymously paid the cost of its construction, land and subsequent placement in that place, for later disappear without a trace .

The Elberton Granite Finishing Company in the same town of Elbert was chosen for the realization of this mysterious monument. Its director, Joe H. Fendley personally took care that all the explicit specifications that the mysterious Mr. R.C. Christian had presented for his realization to be respected . Plans, measurements and even a wooden model, where it showed in detail how the monument had to be.

Project financing would be provided by a group of anonymous investors associated with R.C. Christian . The bank negotiations were personally agreed with the bank of the same location. Martin , its director, is the only one who knows the true identity of R.C. Christian , with whom he agreed that he would keep it the secret for life .

Subsequently, the director of the Martin Bank acquired on behalf of the sponsors an area of ​​approximately 20,000 m² , located in the highest area of ​​the same town, owned until then by a farmer named Wayne Mullenix , who sold his property for a price of 5,000 $ .

On March 22, 1980, The Guidestones monument was inaugurated with the influx of some 400 people.


The stone sculpture has chiseled the so-called ” ten commandments ” of the New Age of Reason . There are ten guides written in eight contemporary languages (English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Ancient Chinese and Russian), one on each side of the four large slabs containing the ten precepts. The text states:

« Keep humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Guiding reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity.

Unite humanity with a new living language.

Guide passion – faith – tradition – and all things with temperate reason.

Protect peoples and nations with fair laws and courts.

Let all nations govern internally, resolving external disputes and a world court.

Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

Balance personal rights with social duties.

Value the truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

Don’t be a cancer on Earth. – Leave space for nature. – Leave space for nature. »

There is a shorter message on each side of the slab located horizontally above the four, inscribed in four ancient writings : classical Greek, Sanskrit, ancient Egyptian and Babylonian cuneiform. The phrase goes like this: « Let these be the principles of an Age of Reason . »

It seems that the translations were not provided by R.C. Christian , so they had to be translated in different languages by people outside the project, but experts in languages. Despite their efforts, such translations are not exempt from linguistic imperfections that, however, have added more intrigue to the writing.


To add greater esotericism to this monument, according to those closest to what happened, during the engraving of the writings, one of the carvers, Charly Davis , while chiseling the words ” the Age of Reason “, said he heard a singular melody and disjointed murmurs.

Like most of these monuments so enigmatic, their spatial arrangement has been calculated taking into account astronomical and geometric criteria . Indeed, in the central guide column a hole can be seen that crosses it from side to side from the south to the north, through which the polar star can be contemplated .

In the same column there is another opening in the center , through which you can observe the annual path of the sun , from its solstices to the equinoxes and where it crosses it indicates noon .

This fact has generated great curiosity and interest, since it reminds a lot of Egyptian and Mesopotamian architecture , which gave great importance to the position of the stars and their symbology .

However, the true criteria by which these parameters have been chosen and not others, are an unsolved puzzle. They could have been chosen to symbolically indicate some hidden meaning or simply motivated by the extraordinary scientific desire to point out the union of man with the entire universe and the physical forces that govern it.


It constitutes a total of six granite slabs and its approximate total weight is about 100 tons .

A central column 48 cm thick, 1 meter wide and 5.87 meters high , acts vertically as a guide for the four main slabs. These in turn are also located vertically, aligned laterally at 45 ° coinciding with the cardinal points .

The four slabs form a cross surrounding the central column . They have as the central column, 1.98 meters wide and 5.87 meters high. Its thickness is 48 cm and its weight is estimated to exceed 19 tons each.

The sixth slab of lesser greatness and weight, approximately 11 tons , rests horizontally on the base of the central column and each of the shorter edges of the other four.


There is an additional “seventh” slab placed on the ground , located a short distance from the monument in the west direction . Some astronomical data, size, weight, author (R.C. Christian, indicating that it is a pseudonym) and relevant explanations to the promoters are inscribed there. But what has created more curiosity and mystery is an unfinished and, to say the least, enigmatic final message .

Placed six feet below this point


To Be Opened on ”

Everything indicates that it is a “ time capsule ” , obviously for future generations. Hidden underground at that specific spot, that is, under said slab of approximately 12 tons and at a depth of 1.82 meters . A time capsule buried on an unspecified date , as evidenced by the lack of data after “In” . As in the same way, the date on which it should be opened would be missing, since no term is indicated after the words “To Be Opened on”.

This so reserved and hidden message has created so many unknowns. ¿ Why these info are missing ? Will be really a time capsule? If so, why has it been buried with such precision and difficulty of extraction ? Did its authors want and expect it to be exhumed at a particular time and in a relevant and notorious way for future generations? Why? What could it contain that time capsule? extraordinary knowledge hidden from humanity or simple objects and memories of a past generation?

Be it one thing or another, what is clear is that it’s intention is to leave a message for generations to come. But what kind of message ?

The ” ten commandments ” expressed in the slabs indicate a clear and considered recommendation for future generations. Why? In addition, the statement “The Age of Reason” denotes a future new ” era “, a renewed global social, political and environmental state . Its peculiar specifications are expressed with a particular nuance, which could be interpreted as a ” warning ” to a possible world disaster and its possible ” remedy ” for future surviving generations .

Perhaps the authors thought that the world is doomed to its own self-destruction if it does not respect the balance of nature ? He also advises a fair and non-arbitrary world government as it has been until now. Do they allude to the fact that the current governance mode will eventually collapse the social and environmental system for future generations ?

Of course, there are many who think the same way. Even in the cinematic world, a true reflection of society’s concerns, this idea is unscrupulous, for example in Thanos’s decision ( in The Avengers) , to tragically reduce the world’s population by half .

The idea that a decline in population and birth control may be the remedy to the impending environmental and social collapse is not entirely foreign at the political level today. In fact, it is a recurring theme of great interest and concern in large international summits , as evidenced by the laws in the region in practically all the countries of the world.


As we have said, the speculations around this monument are many and varied.


Returning to the mysterious Mr. R.C Christian , we know very little of his true identity . As we have said, only the banker knew his real name. According to their statements, they were in contact and even had dinner together until they stopped hearing from him in the fall of 1996 . By then R.C. Christian would be an old man of more than eighty years, so it is believed that he died.

Following the traces of the enigmatic ” name ” R.C. Christian , chosen as a pseudonym by the main promoter of this monument, it is said that it could be related to the founder of the Rosicrucianism . A legendary secret movement founded by C.R initialsof Christian RosenKreuz, supposedly born in 1378 in Germany. It should be mentioned regarding the veracity of its existence that many scholars of the subject doubt that it really existed. Obviously, the great secret that these movements have sealed since antiquity makes the demonstration of this fact difficult. But it is also possible that the uncertainties surrounding its existence can be motivated with the effect of affect not only the truthfulness of the event itself, but also the induction it has generated.

In his supposed numerous trips in countries like Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Damcar, among others, it is said that Christian Rosenkreuz met great masters of astrology, alchemy and occult sciences and that for years he devoted himself to the study of these disciplines with the attempt to know and better understand the secrets of the universe .

The first historical references of the Order of the Rose Cross were made publicly known in 1612 , in Kassel, Germany, through a publication entitled ” Fama Fraternitatis “, whose author is still unknown, although in the environment of connoisseurs he is attributed to Johann Valentin Andreae .

This esoteric order proclaims the Rosicrucians as the spiritual heirs of the Ancient Schools of Mysteries that flourished in Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Curiously the same languages ​​in which the writing of the sixth slab appears.

How could it be otherwise, the Guidestone also relates to American Freemasonry . This fact instills in the monument, not only the ritual and esoteric meaning , typical of this type of lodges, but also the revolutionary and changeful sense that drove Masonry to American independence .

Of course, we cannot know what the real purpose for which Masonry could have had this monument built. At the moment the freemasonry is no longer considered a secret society, but discreet, since its ritual methodology, symbols and significant beliefs such as astrology are publicly known ; still its most hidden rites and secrets are reserved exclusively for the members belonging to its lodge.

There are many bright characters that have left their mark and have belonged to this order, such as Paracelsus, Giordano Bruno , both known alchemists, Galileo Galilei, Alberto Magno and even Christopher Columbus . Also Miguel Servet, Kepler, Francis Bacon, Edith Piaff, Isaac Newton, Leibniz, Jacob Boehme, Descartes, Spinoza, Pascal, Beethoven and many others.

Currently, there are many esoteric orders related to the legendary Order of the Rosy Cross . The so-called Sovereign Headquarters is located in the ” Rosicrucian Mansion “ in the town of Santa Brígida, Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).

Returning to the construction of the Guidestone, it is known that Joe H. Fendley and some of his operators belonged to a masonic lodge , and he in particular has occupied important degrees and recognitions within it. One more coincidence that links the Guide Stones with American Freemasonry .


There are many interpretations concerning the message hidden from the Guidestone. On the one hand there is a movement that sees in its inscribed words a clear conspiracy . They consider the ten guides as instructions for establishing a new world order . Ten precepts with which to radically change the current situation and take over the world once and for all.

On the other hand there is who considers the message coming from evil forces . Which announces an unacceptable worldwide extermination , so they believe it should be destroyed as soon as possible.

The monument in question has also been a cause of vandalism (written and painted on the slabs), so it has been seen the need to install surveillance cameras for protection.


Far from these popular and disparate considerations, it cannot be denied that these guides address issues related to a ” new world order .” The massive depopulation, a single world government, a new kind of spirituality , are arguments that offer plenty of room for controversy.

It is the case that in 1794 , Thomas Paine published the first part of ” The Age of Reason: An Investigation on True and Fabulous Theology “. In the three-part compendium, Paine advocates reason rather than revelation . He does not deny the existence of a creative God, the one called in the circle, ” Architect “; On the contrary, promote natural religion , that is, deism. But he rejected organized religion and clergy . Although it is not an atheist text, the position proposed by Paine in it, has been provoked in the past and continues to provoke many controversies and rejections by the Church , since in broad strokes it denies miracles and considers the Bible as a simple literary work and not as a text of divine inspiration.

We know the importance Paine has had as an ideologist and publicist in the United States War of Independence. In fact, he is considered one of the founding fathers of the United States .

As a thinker of European Illuminism (since it was of English origin) he was a promoter of liberalism. He argued that human consciousness could combat ignorance, superstition and tyranny to build a better world through popular education and knowledge of science .


In short, everything indicates that The Guidestones of Georgia is a manifesto related to some kind of secret association, given its clear will to remain anonymous, obviously. It may be related to Freemasons and more specifically with Rosicrucians , given the coincidences described before.

In any case, its authors want to leave “ a message” that declares the need for a new world social and political order . A new spirituality and education based on respect for nature and knowledge of science. As well as the need for a balanced control of the birth rate and its suitability for reproduction, and of course, it foreshadows the controversial drastic reduction of the world population .

Indeed, the precepts of the Guidestones indicate an evident will to preserve the Earth and the humanity that hosts it , or at least a part . In other words, only 500,000,000 of 7,300 million people were reached in 2015, which is equivalent to eradicating 6,800 million people from the planet. Of course, it does not specify whether this decline would be progressive, caused voluntarily or by some inevitable natural catastrophe.

Hence the controversy created, because many wonder who would be these 6.8% privileged that ” inherit the Earth .” They do not effectively indicate who these “favorites” would be. If they would be chosen randomly or by some specific condition, so we can only speculate.

In the case that they were chosen for some exclusive motivation, who would have the knowledge and ability to decide such a designation ? They could also be the survivors of a global catastrophe or maybe “them”? But who are they and why would they have to be “them” the privileged ? Who can ensure that they have the wisdom and power to be worthy of such privilege?

The text, as we say, does not indicate any specification in this regard, so everything remains in mere conjectures and assumptions.

As we can see, there are many unknowns of debate around this monument, suspicions and assumptions that may not make much sense at first sight, but that could be true or in part or in their entirety .

Obviously the true purpose of the Guidestone we do not know and may never be known. At least, so that its mysterious time capsule does not open, which is enclosed under this arcane monument. Perhaps in it we will find the answer to many of these unknowns . Until then everything is assumptions and mystery.