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On December 6, 2018 was celebrated The Game Awards 2018, a show where they were awarded the best videogames this year. The event was organized by Geoff Keighley at the Microsoft Theater of Los Angeles.
God of War won three of the prizes, being considered the best game of the year, of course with reason.

god of war

God of War is a series of video games in 3rd person created by SCE Santa Monica Studio and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment.
 The plot takes place in a mythological setting, where idyllic natural landscapes and fantastic creatures alternate with epic fights with monsters and divinities of other times. The story deals with the adventures of Kratos, a spartan demigod, who is forced to face various characters of Greek mythology in the first chapters of this franchise of video games, known as the heroes Heracles, Theseus, Perseus and others, but also mythological species like harpies, gorgons and minotaurs. In his adventure, he will have the opportunity to meet also many Greek gods such as Ares, Poseidon, Zeus and primordial Gods like Gaia, as well as legendary titans such as Cronus.
In this new release instead, the world of Norse mythology is deepened, which gives it a certain freshness to the plot as well as an original character that distinguishes it from previous chapters and above all it is a great pleasure for lovers of Nordic mythology, because they will have the opportunity to delight in beautiful illustrations and insights into the myths and stories of many Norse legendary places and characters, enough to mention that it will even be possible to visit the Nine Planets of the Norse cosmology, such as Jotunheim, the land of the Ice Giants and Alfheim, the mythical house of the Light and dark elves, for example.
Kratos is known for his gruff nature and general antipathy towards the Gods, with whom he will have an unstable relationship with many of them but also allies who will help him several times, one of them all Athena. This time the protagonist will have to face one of the most complicated undertakings and challenges up to now: fatherhood.
This new release is full of changes, first of all an innovative system of attack, no longer based solely on the iconic chained swords of Kratos, but the arrival of a new weapon, the Leviathan, an ax with incredible freezing powers, (which not a case vaguely reminiscent of Thor’s hammer, the Mjolnir, heroic Norse God of Thunder and Lightning, whom we will have the opportunity to meet throughout history) capable of even returning to Kratos after having launched it, and will be very important in history especially for the resolution of interactive puzzles scattered in the game that we should solve in order to advance, another characteristic of the saga. The combinations of the attacks are as spectacular as in previous releases if not more, both for visual effects and for the unique sound characterization.
Each edition presents new magical powers provided by gods and titans, and in this especially we have a clear perception of the true powers of Kratos.
But outside of the wonderful graphics and experiences that this game offers us, the plot of well-developed secondary characters, as well as the arrival of the son, Atreus in the life of Kratos, which we can also use in fights as an ally, provides us with introspection the main character is unique and indescribable, especially for those who, like many, have waited with great patience and enthusiasm for the release of this chapter, able to make us excited by the impressive realism of the places and action and cinematic scenes, all embellished by music and soundtracks that accompany us during the game, in an experience really out of this world.

God of War, best videogame of the year.



Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption It has been the most awarded videogame in the latest edition of The Game Awards 2018. Specifically, 4 prizes tookthis exciting adventure game in the purest western style.
Red Dead Redemption is a non-linear action-adventure western video game developed by Rockstar San Diego. The videogame is a veteran the market and was officially announced on February 4, 2009, and was released on May 18, 2010 in North America and May 21 in Europe and Australia for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
The story of the first Red Dead Redemption takes place in the last years of the Wild West , specifically in 1911 , and tells the story of a former bandit John Marston , who is blackmailed by federal agents who have threatened his family. The agents want John to work for them, impose the law on the Mexican border and capture former bandmates, the current bandits, Bill Williamson and Javier Escuellas. The action is set in different fictional places such as New Austin, New Paradise and West Elizabeth.

presequel Red Dead Redemption 2

Instead in the second, the prequel Red Dead Redemption, it deals with the raids of the band that after a failed hit and escape from the federals, will find themselves again in problems and adventures. The gang is renewed with fresh characters and a new protagonist, Arthur Morgan.
Wild horses, desert plains, Indian settlements, ranches, railroads, carriages, wild animals and weapons of all kinds. An atmosphere in the purest western style.
Unlike the first Red Dead Redemption, that includes an online multiplayer mode with a maximum of 16 players per session, now we have a complete open world full of interactions and our choices in the game will affects negatively or positively the plot.
The video game Western Red Dead Redemption won the awards for best narrative, best soundtrack, best sound design and best performance with the voice of Roger Clark. Undoubtedly one of the best video games of the year that has given us and will give us many moments of entertainment and fun.