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It was time to finally see Jason Momoa in a leading role, and we had the opportunity with this legendary superhero. We had seen his great charisma from his beginnings in roles as in Conan the Barbarian and in the series Stargate Atlantis and more recently in Game of Thrones. He has also been in other films and series, as well as Road of Paloma, of which he was a producer and much more recently he was seen in Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice as Aquaman.

Born in Hawaii, Jason Momoa has always had an important bond with the ocean, as evidenced by his tattoo on the arm shaped like shark teeth. Without a doubt, Jason nailed this interpretation full of energy and charisma.


His stoic behavior full of strength and energy leaves no one indifferent. Who better than him to give life to a character as special and powerful as Aquaman, a half human and half atlantean. A hero with an extraordinary power, noble who loves justice and peace.
Aquaman was released in the US on December 21 2018, and in less than two weeks after launching its first release last December 14 in the UK and Ireland, and other countries raised more than 261 million surpassing the 160 million dollars’ total budget for its realization.

It is directed by James Wan so he surprised us pleasantly for his audacity as on other occasions. It is written by Willy Deal and produced by Warner Bros as we know. Aquaman is the sixth in DC Universe and is a great movie not only for the box office but also for being another successful and audacious as it was for Wonder Woman.
Filming began on May 2, 2017 and took place mainly in Australia, at the Village Roadshow studios in Gold Coast, Queensland. Although it has some parts filmed on the coasts of Terranova, Tunisia and Sicily.


The story starts after what happened in Justice League, where Aquaman already appeared promising great emotions and action. But the history of Aquaman, whose real name is Arthur Curry, begin in Maine in 1978, when her mother Princess of Atlantis, after a storm comes was rescued from the lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry.
After being left on earth since he was a child with Nuidis Vulko, the faithful counselor of his mother, he will become a magnificent warrior. Shortly after knowing that he is the heir of the Throne of Atlantis, he returns to its place of origin but being rejected by the Atlanteans for being half human leaves Atlantis.


Aquaman possesses great gifts given his Atlantean condition, can manipulate the tides, communicate with sea creatures, swim at an amazingly fast speed and possesses a force out of the ordinary.
Temuera Morrison plays Thomas Curry father of Arthur Curry. 
The queen of Atlantis is played by Nicole Kidman, mother of Arthur and Ormbrother of Arthur, the latter played by Patrick Wilson.
Willem Dafoe plays Nuidis Vulko, the faithful advisor who will be Arthur’s mentor.
The actress Amber Heard plays the character of Mera, in love with Arthur, but also a warrior and daughter of King Nereus, whose character is played by Dolph Lundgren. She also possesses extraordinary hydrokinetic and telepathic powers.
Aquaman is a 142-minute movie full of pure action, fantasy and energy that should not be missed.