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Won’t be long now. Tomorrow, January 3, 2019, a few days after the beginning of the new year, the most anticipated athletic competition will start, The Titan Games on NBC.
To present and hosting the competitive show will be no less than the ultimate titanic Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, actor, producer and professional wrestler who never ceases to surprise us with his projects and businesses every year.

Already in 2013, he was executive producer and guest of The Hero, well-known television show where through a series of extraordinary tests, players had to face the indescribable to overcome various phases, monitored and encouraged by The Rock himself during the entire journey.
In The Titan Games instead, Dwayne offered only a select few of the thousands who applied to participate, the opportunity to access the exclusive show, but the news was not sent to competitors as a simple request. As expected, it had to be done big.
The idea of the actor and professional athlete, born from his passion for the famous film by Willy Wonka, in full cinematic style, has deliver to 64 chosen the much desired “Golden Ticket” as in the movie included the signature, to show the world what these extraordinary athletes from all over the world are capable of doing and give them a golden opportunity to prove it in the monstrous and epic Arena of Titans.

In addition, they have been personally called one by one by the The Rock to congratulate them and to officially welcome them to The Titan Games, which have resulted in much excitement for all participants with many of them letting go a few tears of joy at hearing the voice of the world icon. All of them however are willing to do wherever it takes to win the Final Match.

But battles will not be easy. These women and men must contend and fight to get the Titan Title, but the challenges will push them to extremes and will have to face their limits to overcome the risky duels. It will be required not only the physical strength or agility, but also strength, courage and above all strength of will.
As the same host states: “Titans are not born. They’re made. ” Slogan of the show.
With a mythological theme, The Titan Games heralds exciting challenges worthy of its name, where the winners will face a breathtaking finale on Mount Olympus in a physical fight to win the legendary title.
It expected to be a show full of energy and motivation, able to get us involved with competitors who will be constantly tested by hard training and by overwhelming tension of the duels and impressive challenges, but also to get some good laugh in the middle.

The Titan Games, from January 3 on NBC.